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Fri, May 26, 2017

“Dinner at the Long Table” with Chef Greg


Tonight, Chef Greg will help you navigate through menu planning by making dishes from Dinner at the Long Table, a debut cookbook of Brooklyn Restaurateur Andrew Tarlow and Diner Journal Editor Anna Dunn.  A recent addition to Chef Greg’s cookbook library, this publication has become a quick favorite due to the seasonal menus provided that focus on gathering people to come together and share moments over food.

During this dinner demo, you will get to taste seasonally prepared dishes that utilize fresh ingredients harvested from local island famers.

Dinner at the Long Table is the kind of cookbook you want to read again and again.  The pictures are beautiful and the recipes run the gamete from simple to complex but most importantly they are well explained in real language.

After reading through the cookbook I have a sense of what it would be like to eat at the chef’s home or more appropriately in their garden. The food seems real and actually possible for the home cook.

The food in the book seems to have a sense of place and of time. Reading through this book makes me want to cook for friends.



Addio Antipasti

Roasted Olives

Purple Pickled Eggs

Feta with Chilis and Herbs


Rib Roast with Horseradish

Watercress with Mustard Dressing


Berry Crostata

Limited to 24 people.

Not Currently Available


Fri, May 26, 2017
6:30 pm–9:00 pm


Nantucket Culinary
22 Federal Street
Nantucket, MA 02554 United States

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